Museum of Oceanography in Monaco is preparing for Australian exhibit

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2M Language Services CEO Tea Dietterich recently visited the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco ahead of the “Defending the Oceans” QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Exhibition. Warmly welcomed by Museum Curator Patrick Piguet, Tea was shown all sites and venues including the spectacular rooftop terrace which will be covered by a Torres Strait Island painting. Tea has been active behind the scenes to get sponsorship support and to increase awareness and exposure of the exhibition in Australia and France. Tea has been working on both sides of the Ocean with the Project Organisers Stéphane Jacob from ARTS D’AUSTRALIE in Paris and Suzanne O’Connell from SUZANNE O’CONNELL GALLERY in Brisbane.

Museum Curator Patrick Piguet and Tea Dietterich on the spectacular rooftop terrace