Focus Group Testing/Community Consultation & Multicultural Research

After translations have been completed in various community languages in Australia, it is often recommended that they undergo Focus Group Testing, also known as Community Consultation. This means that community members read and assess the translations to ensure that they will be understood by the wider community. Due to demographic and geographic differences within migrant community groups it is vital to ensure that the translated material will be understood by all members of the migrant community.

Community members are carefully selected representing different parts of the community in terms of education level, age, gender and geographic origin. Their feedback is taken into account by the translators and a revised copy is produced and checked again to ensure it reflects community recommendations.

For publicity campaigns to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia multicultural research is vital to know what ethnic groups should be targeted, what representation these ethnic groups have and what is the best way to reach these ethnic groups. There are a variety of marketing strategies but not all are suited for different ethnic groups.

Find out first which groups can afford the product and how information reaches them and then the goal is to convert this information to an effective communication strategy. We work with ethnic radio, through audio and audio-visual productions and with the multicultural press.

2M has many years of experience in targeting specific markets and providing communication within multicultural communities.

2M has distribution lists of ethnic media including a diverse range of ethnic newspapers, radio, TV and newsletters and distributes multilingual press releases across Australia to your target markets.


Cross cultural business etiquette ensured Fujifilm Australia executives' message did not to get lost in translation.
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